No shipments will be released without a fax copy of the Lien Notice with the release statement signed. This includes shipments with no money due to the terminal/carrier. We simply cannot release shipments without a statement in writing from the terminal/carrier that all funds due have been collected and that the shipment is fully authorized by the relevant parties to be released.

All charges paid to PDDS must be paid in cash (exact funds only) or by cashiers check (payable in U.S. Funds). For established local Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders, we will accept faxes of their checks, contingent on the proviso that the original is mailed the same day.

We will not accept personal checks from the consignee. 

Merchandise that remains in the General Order warehouse without a Customs release, or a lien release willcontinue accrue General Order charges. In situations where the consignee, their agent or U.S. Customs provides our office with a Customs release but the consignee or their agent has not resolved the lien(s) the shipment will remain under ‘quasi’ General Order – accruing charges but is no longer eligible for government auction.

However, as the bond requirements have been fulfilled with the U.S. Customs release, the warehouse will only retain the shipment for a reasonable period of time, which will be determined on a case by case basis. Factors bearing on the decision to continue to retain the shipment will include the responsiveness of the consignee and their efforts to resolve the remaining outstanding issues and charges.

When the consignee and/or their agent fails to resolve the remaining outstanding issues and charges and the terminal manager determines that a reasonable time has elapsed and that a reasonable effort has been made to inform the consignee and their agent of their obligations, the goods will be sold or otherwise destroyed.


Any local Customs Broker who wants to be on our list of participating brokers, to clear General Order Merchandise for the general public, must send our office a fax, on their letterhead, to our office stating that they would like to be added to our list of participating General Order brokers. Whenever a consignee without a broker calls requesting a recommendation, we will provide this list to them.avana insurance