Container Dray Services

Pathfinder Dray & Dedicated Services currently operates two service facilities for ocean container and intermodal drayage; one in Portland, Oregon and the other in Tacoma, Washington. Both of our facilities have equipment available to pick up and deliver shipments that are legal weight (generally under 80,000 pounds gross vehicle weight) to heavy loads up to a maximum of 105,500 pounds gross vehicle weight.

Our Tacoma, Washington facility is located along the heavy haul corridor in the Port of Tacoma. This allows us to transport containers along the heavy haul corridor up to 105,500 pounds gross vehicle weight on a standard chassis. In conjunction with our reload facility, we are capable of trans-loading and delivering to the Tacoma ports up to 400 containers per week.

Pathfinder Dray & Dedicated Services has wide experience with all the major steamship lines, ports, terminals and rail facilities in Oregon and Washington. We communicate with the ports and other drivers throughout each day to assure that we get in and out of the ports in a timely manner.

Communication with our customer throughout the booking process is essential in eliminating mistakes and service failures. PDDS prides itself in our ability to foresee and solve issues through experience and effective communication.super avana purchase online