Container Freight Station Service (CFS)

Having our own Customs Container Freight Station (CFS) and Public Customs Bonded Warehouse is just one of the features of Pathfinder Dray & Dedicated Services that sets us apart from the pack of the usual logistic providers. Applying for such a designation and meeting the stringent government requirements is no small task.

Special applications must be made to the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection. An applicant is closely examined for stability, integrity and the strictest of security systems in place. Only after rigorous inspections and thorough evaluation of compliance does Customs grant a license to operate a Bonded Container Freight Station and a Public Customs Bonded Warehouse.

We’ve made the commitment to this extra dimension of security and integrity in order to provide our members with the ability to move international freight in bond to its ultimate destination, or to clear customs in an expeditious, time-sensitive manner.

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